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The Band

The creation of the Puro Fuego Cigar band was not just a mere branding exercise but a proud and meaningful experience that connected the Nunez family name to the cigar. Every symbol on the band was carefully chosen and crafted to represent the rich history and legacy of the Puro Fuego Cigars existence.

 As a representation of our family name and brand to the world, we took extra care to ensure that every element on the band carried its purposeful meaning and captured the essence of the cigar’s journey and stories within it. The band is a proud and significant symbol, embodying the passion, creativity, and dedication that went into crafting each Puro Fuego cigar – a symbol we are honoured to share with the world.

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My commitment to my mother is an unbreakable bond, one that I honor in every aspect of my life. That’s why I decided to pay homage to her birth year by placing it on the Puro Fuego cigar band.


1949 was not just a year, it was the year that brought light to the world, the year that my mother was born. This cigar band bears her date of birth as a symbol of my unwavering love, respect, and appreciation for everything she embodies.


With each Puro Fuego cigar, I celebrate her life and her impact on the world around her. It is my hope that others will recognize the importance of honoring the ones they love, just as I have done for my beloved mother.

My mother carries herself with the grace and regalness befitting of a queen. Through the most trying moments in our lives, she stood strong and led our family with her unwavering determination, perseverance, and willpower, creating a life that surpassed our wildest dreams. It is with great honor and respect that I present the queen’s crown as a symbol of her 35-year reign in our lives. She is truly the matriarch who has elevated us to greater heights, and her legacy will endure for generations to come.

Puro Fuego will always proudly display the initials RN on every cigar, ensuring that the legacy and memory of those letters will endure for as long as our cigars exist.


The initials RN are more than just letters to me – they represent the royal legacy that my father, a king in his own right, left behind. Roberto Nunez carried those letters with pride and nobility for 49 years before passing them on to me at birth, continuing the family’s lineage of greatness. With each passing day, I am driven by his strength, resilience, and unwavering dedication to his family for the time he had with us, and carry his initials as a symbol of honor and pride.


My father’s impactful leadership and wise guidance continue to inspire every decision I make, and his memory remains alive in the regal initials that define who I am. For as long as I breathe, I shall carry on my father’s legacy in my own family and the world. As long as Puro Fuego exists it shall blazen the initials RN on every cigar.

The tobacco leaf is not just a symbol of a cigar but a symbol of purity from the earth. In most parts of the world, cigars are known as PUROS, which is why we named our cigar Puro Fuego – “Pure Fire”. The tobacco leaf has traveled the world, touching every corner and enriching all who have experienced its flavor.


Puro Fuego Cigars places great importance on the tobacco leaf, as it is the foundation of our premium cigars. It represents the pureness of nature that we infuse into every cigar we make. The tobacco leaf will continue to be the source of one of the most pleasurable experiences in the world – enjoying a cigar. We honor this exquisite plant and the richness it brings to our lives.

The Puro Fuego Cigar Band symbol is a tribute to Cuba’s indelible mark on the world’s cigar culture. The birthplace of our family, Cuba has been a beacon of cultural significance that has influenced much of the world. The seeds for our cigars originate from Cuba and its reputation for handcrafted premium cigars, built on decades of hard work and tradition, remains iconic today. The Puro Fuego symbol represents the high standards and legacy set by our ancestors who reigned in the cigar industry for many years.

The sun is the source of life, and it heats the world and lights up the universe with its pure fire. Puro Fuego Cigars similarly stands for pure fire – a pureness in the tobacco that creates an unrivaled cigar experience. Our cigars embrace the inherent connection between pureness and fire, and, like the sun, fire is essential in creating the unique experience that defines Puro Fuego Cigars.